Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Town Planner Travels continued...

Peterhof Palace, decadant to the extreme, more gold gilding than i can cope with, and rebuilt after WWII by the State, as it was almost completely destroyed by the war, rebuilding by state, and UNESCO and tourist admission funding! Gardens to rival Versailles - that place in France.

Church of the Spilled Blood - built on the site of the assassination of Nicholas the something, in the 1800's in the Russian Baroque style!

Swan Lake at the Hermitage Theatre in St Peterburg... signets everywhere!

OK, here we are in St Peterburg, hating the place completely...neyt!!! We aren't doing any planning here, just tourist stuff, so there is plenty of wandering and photographing taking place!
Happy Planning boys & girls, be good, stay safe and stay away from gypsies! ... see you in a few more days when i get to the UK.

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